HerFloor is a private community and we take the safety of our community very seriously and do our best to keep the marketplace a pleasant place for all our users.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help ensure you have the best experience.

Sign Up

How do I sign up for a HerFloor account through the app?

Upon launching the HerFloor app for the first time, you will be prompted to sign up or login. You can sign up with your email or through Facebook.

Email sign up:

To create a HerFloor account using your email, perform the following steps:

  1. Tap on Sign Up with Email.
  2. Fill in the necessary details including name, email, phone, password.
  3. We will send a verification code via SMS. Put in the verification code to authenticate your account.
  4. Type username and select your city
  5. Select your interests

Your HerFloor account will be created immediately and you’ll be logged in to your new brand new HerFloor account. You will able to browse products and follow other members, however you will not be able to chat, leave a comment or post a product unless you are approved.

We approve accounts within 24 hours provided you provide all the necessary details that we ask for. If you want to be approved faster, ensure that you upload your profile picture and keep your profile up to date.

Facebook sign up

To create a HerFloor account using Facebook, you’ll need to have a Facebook account. Perform the following steps on your Herfloor homescreen:

Select “Connect with Facebook”

Next, you’ll be able to choose to sign up using details from your Facebook app (if you have it installed), or by manually entering your Facebook credentials.

Your profile picture, your email and your name will be populated from Facebook, however following steps should be done:

  1. We will send a verification code via SMS. Put in the verification code to authenticate your account.
  2. Type username and select your city
  3. Select your interests

That’s it! For future logins, simply click on the “Connect with Facebook” option and you’ll be directed to your HerFloor account with just a tap.

Selling on HerFloor

What does it cost to run a shop on HerFloor?

It’s free to start a shop on HerFloor. We don’t take commission on each sale, and you get paid directly by your customers. We charge for account upgrades (download our app to see packages). This is the only way HerFloor makes money.

What is a button?

A ‘button’ is a call-to-action that you can add on your post. People who want to purchase your product can just click on the ‘button’ to initiate the process of buying. You can choose from a variety of buttons on HerFloor such as Chat to buy and Shop Now.

What is a BUMP button?

A BUMP button allows you to move your product posts to the top of the regular products posts for 5 hours. You can BUMP the same product after 5 hours.  You don’t have to repost your product – because now you can BUMP your previously added products.


How do Bumps work?

We want to help you sell better!

Bumps help increase the visibility of your items on the marketplace by bumping them to the top of the Popular (without keywords) and recent sort. After which, it will behave like a normal listing and be moved down as new listings are added to the marketplace.

How long will a Bump last?

A Bump is an instant effect that brings your item to the top of the marketplace for a duration of 5 hours. After which, it will behave like a normal listing and be moved down as new listings are added.

How do I know if my listing is bumped?

You can check if your listing has been Bumped by refreshing your feed and checking your product listing. You may also visit your profile to view if your product has been bumped. products that have been bumped will not have a bump button, the button will be available after a duration of 5 hours.

Do Bumps guarantee a sale?

Bumps provide your listings with more visibility. However, we cannot guarantee that a Bump will lead to a sale. To make sure you get the most out of Bumps, use them on good-quality listings.

I can’t Bump my listing!

The bump option is not available for free users.

What happens when someone clicks on a button?

When a buyer clicks on the ‘Chat to Buy’ button, then you as a seller will receive messages from a buyer in your chat. Here you can chat with the buyer and sell your products to them.

When a buyer clicks on the ‘Shop Now’ button on your post, then the buyer will be redirected to the link (URL) that you have provided while posting.

Do you provide logistical support?

No, HerFloor as a platform only connects sellers with buyers. It is seller’s responsibility to get payment and deliver product(s) to the buyer.

Does HerFloor manage the inventory for a seller?

No, HerFloor does not manage and update the inventory of the sellers. However, you can mark a product unavailable or sold from your shop.

How do you undo the ‘Mark as sold’ option for your listings?

You may mark your product as sold/unsold within the app settings. Tap “my products” in the settings and you will see two options:

Available: on/off

By turning it off your product will be removed from the feed, however it will be visible to you. You can make it visible again anytime to your users just by selecting this option again as “on” to make it available for your users. For instance: You can add/remove in-stock/out of stock items in just one tap.

Sold: on/off

When your product has been marked as sold, it remains visible to your users, but they will not be able to place an order.

How to apply discount?

In order to give your users a special price for a particular product, tap “my products”

For instance: you want to apply/add special price to products in a go, you can do that just by tapping on “apply discount” checkbox to select all the products. Then choose the discount percentage and tap apply.

How to mark all your products available/unavailable in a go?

You want to mark the availability of your products in a go, you can do that just by tapping on “available” next to the apply discount checkbox to select/deselect all the products.

How to edit the price of a listing?

Editing the price of a listing is really easy! Simply tap on “My products” in the settings, and open up the listings. Yu may click on each product in order to edit its description.

How do you delete a listing?

Visit your profile, tap on the three dots on top of your post in order to delete a listing permanently.

Can you upload multiple photos at one go?

Tap on the post option and select multiple (max.5) images to upload your products.

Can you sell lingerie and undergarments on HerFloor?

Lingerie and undergarments may be sold only if they are brand new.

When posting lingerie or undergarment listings for sale, refrain from using pictures with a human model. This helps to keep the marketplace family-friendly for all.

Listings which don’t abide by these guideline may be removed if discovered by our admins . Further action could also be taken on a seller’s account in some cases.

Why can’t I post a product?

Only approved users are allowed to post products on HerFloor.

Why can’t I bump a product?

The bump option is only available to premium users.

Why did your listings disappear?

Our content moderators curate the platform and will remove listings if they are found to be in violation of our  community guidelines or if they are considered as prohibited items.

How do I sell pre-loved products?

When posting a product, make sure to classify it using the condition drop down menu. By default all products are categorized under “New”. If you are posting a pre-loved product, you will have to tag that product accordingly.

I suspect that image theft has taken place. What should I do?

You may use the “Report to admin” option by tapping on the three dots on top of the product.

Buying on HerFloor

How is payment made in the app?

Payment is made completely between the buyer and seller. HerFloor is not involved in the payment between users.

How do you bookmark something that caught your eye?

Anything you want to add in your wish list?

Simply ‘Like’ the listing by tapping on the heart icon. You can then check back on the items that you’ve previously liked by going to the Settings and tapping on “My liked items”.


How can I become a verified user?

A user can request to have an account verified or confirmed by sharing their professional details at community@herfloor.com.